Nature is retrieving herself, turning inward. The trees let go of their leaves, squirrels are seeking food to stock up for wintertime and birds move further south to warmer countries. Nature does this to be able to let go, renew, and slowly return with new leaves, flowers, young animals, creating new life. With strict rhythm it does this every year, to stay strong, evolve, develop and grow.

How do we follow this rhythm as human beings? For years I have been watching people around me, and have been living that pace too: during the Summer time, we thrive, are full of energy, the days are longer, we are not in such a rush to get home because it is cold and dark, and we pull out the plug from work a few weeks to take a break and enjoy the warmth. And those weeks we are not taking holidays, we take it slow because ‘not much is happening anyway’. Whilst in Winter time, when we feel less energetic, are less active, and want to get to our warm homes as fast as possible to avoid the cold wind, just before the year ends, we decide to work a bit harder to finish our ‘todo list’, try our utmost to get that turnover we had forecasted, push through the evaluation cycle, so we can start with a clean slate in the new year.

As said, I too join this rush, but WHY? Actually, I feel tired, I want to be at home, spend time with my family and friends, retrieve, reflect, slow my pace, because my energy is longing to focus on my internal self. Just like nature does.

I have been wondering: Why do we, do I do this? Every year! Is the world coming to an end? Do we get punished when we don’t finish our to do lists? Will I be forgotten if I don’t work that hard? Why do we sprint so hard in December?

What would happen if we just slow down, focus our energy inward, rest and spend time for ourselves, and with our loved ones? Have a chat with someone we just pass in the street or at the supermarket?

For years, my longing has been to take off December and January to do just like this, to create space for creativity, inspiration, insights and energy. Once I said to a friend: “The moment I can decide to take off these two months, I will take off those months! To walk in nature, spend time with my loved ones, go on a retreat or trail, and meet new people and make new connections.”

The good news is: I am able to decide! Right here, right now! As a starting entrepreneur I find it a challenge to take off 2 months, so I decided in the beginning of this month, to already slow down, take off two weeks, and slowly start in January again. And for the next Winter, I am herewith setting my intention to take of 4 weeks. And as for the Summers: I plan to take of less time off and instead work, just like nature does.

I hope you join me in following nature’s rhythm and enjoy a nice winter retreat.

With warm winter regards,